LocationCounts is getting even better.....

We've launched an improved version of LocationCounts.co.uk! You can now:

  • Directly compare upto 3 locations on a single screen to get a clear picture of which location is best suited to you without having to switch between screens.
  • See trend graphs of crime for locations across England & Wales so you can see which crime rates are improving and which are getting worse, over time, where you live.
  • See actual details of the most recent and closest crimes to your postcode.
  • See actual details of the most recent property sales in the vicinity of your postcode and also see estimated prices for specific properties in your postcode.
  • See a hierarchy of locations and how they're associated with other locations … for example, see which postcodes are within a specific Local Government District.

We've also spent some time optimising our algorithms that calculate property prices and property price change over time to make them even more accurate for individual locations.

We're interested in your feedback on the changes we’ve made so please use our contact form if there's anything that you’d like to tell us about how we can improve the site further.

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