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  • 3.1 Overview
  • 3.2 Crime Ranks
  • 3.3 Crime Trends
  • 3.4 Number of Crimes
  • 3.5 Crime Data Source

3.1 Overview

LocationCounts provides information on the crime rate in or close to locations in England & Wales. Crime reporting by the Police is currently grouped into 14 different categories. LocationCounts provides data for each crime category..

The data presented differs depending on whether the location selected is a postcode or a boundary (e.g. a Civil Parish, a County). For postcodes, the Crime Ranks, results are based on crimes reported within 1.0km of the location with more weighting given to those crimes that are nearest to the location itself. For boundary locations (e.g. Civil Parish or County), the results are based on the numbers of Crimes reported within the boundary itself.

3.2 Crime Ranks

The number of crimes recorded for the previous 12 months for all locations are compared and ranked with a value of 1 to 100. A rank of 1 means low crime rates while 100 means high crime rates in comparison to other locations. The ranks are based on number of crimes per household.

Note: for boundary locations (e.g. Civil Parish or County), the size of the boundary is factored into the Rank calculation. For example, a large boundary (e.g. a County) will be expected to have a far greater number of crimes than a small boundary (e.g. a Civil Parish). Factoring size into the Rank calculation allows you to compare different locations on a like for like basis.

3.3 Crime Trends

The Monthly and Year on Year Trends show how the crime levels and Ranks for each category have increased/decreased over time. This highlights the more medium/long term changes in crime levels.

3.4 Number of Crimes

This figure shows the number of crimes recorded in the previous month and 12 months. Where the location is a postcode then the number of crimes are those within 1.0km of the location. Where the location is a boundary (e.g. a Civil Parish or County) then the results are the number of crimes reported within that boundary.

3.5 Crime Data Source: