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  • 5.1 Overview
  • 5.2 Rural/Urban Measure
  • 5.3 Topography
  • 5.4 Environment Data Sources

5.1 Overview

Environment data is split into 2 sections:

  • Rural/Urban Measure - providing information of the physical land make-up or use around the location selected.
  • Topography - providing information on the terrain around the location selected.

5.2 Rural/Urban Measure

If a postcode is selected as a location then two sets of data are displayed, showing the land make-up / use within 2.5km and within 50 km of the location.

If a boundary (e.g. County, Civil Parish, Parliamentary Constituency) is selected as a location then the data provided details the land make-up / use within that boundary.

5.3 Topography

The altitude of the location above sea level is displayed along with information on the terrain or 'lie of the land' within the close (500m) and broader (2500m) proximity of the location. The terrain is reported in the range Very Flat through to Very Hilly and is based on elevation changes.

A rank for the terrain is also provided in the range of 1 to 100 with 1 being the most flat areas and 100 being the hilliest areas.

5.4 Environment Data Sources