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  • 6.1 Ranks
  • 6.2 My Preferences
  • 6.3 Match Levels
  • 6.4 Heat Map

6.1 Ranks

Ranks are displayed for a number of categories and individual data items and are a way to describe how a specific location compares to other locations in England, Scotland & Wales. Typically, ranks are in the range of 1 to 100 and LocationCounts uses colour in the range of Bright Green (1) through Amber (50) to Deep Red (100). For some ranks (e.g. Crime Levels) there is a clear distinction between good and bad. Where this is the case, Green will always be 'Good' and Red will always be 'Bad'. However, there are some ranks where a clear distinction between 'good' and 'bad' is not apparent; for example, Property Prices, where for someone selling a property a high price is 'good' while for someone buying a property a low price is 'good'. In these situations, the Green/Amber/red colour scheme is still used for consistency purposes.

The rank numbers tell you how the location you have selected compares to other locations in England, Scotland & Wales. Let's take the Total Crime rank as an example. If the Total Crime rank is '35', this means that 34% of locations have lower Total Crime levels than this location, 65% of locations have higher Total Crime levels and 1% of locations have very similar Total Crime levels ( i.e. those locations with the same rank of 35).

6.2 My Preferences

My Preferences enables you to state what's important to you and what's not important to you. For example, 'Schools' data is likely to be important to families with young children but unimportant to families with no or grown up children. When preferences are set, both Match Levels and/or the Heat Map are displayed that provide a guide as to how well locations match the preferences you have set.

Within My Preferences, you can also tell LocationCounts how important each category is to you. For example, both the 'Schools' and 'Travel' categories may be important to you but 'Schools' has a higher degree of importance. Setting the importance level alters the weighting given to each individual category when calculating the overall Match Level.

6.3 Match Levels

Match Levels are only displayed when 'My Preferences' are set. The Match Level is a series of ticks that are either grey or green. The more green ticks then the closer the match to the preferences you have set - the worse matches show 4 grey ticks while the best matches show 4 green ticks. There is a Match Level for each data category (Property, Schools, Crime, Travel, Environment) and an Overall Match Level based on all categories combined. When setting 'My Preferences' you are also able to state how important each individual category is to you and the importance levels you set are used in the calculation of the Overall Match Level.

6.4 Heat Map

The Heat Map is a visual display of how areas match the preferences you have set in 'My Preferences'. The map display is overlaid by a grid of colours ranging from Bright Green through Amber to Deep Red. Areas that are the brighest green show locations that most closely match your preferences. Areas that are the deepest red show locations that are the worst match to your preferences. The Heat Map enables you to quickly focus on locations that match most closely your needs. Clicking on a specific point on the Heat Map wil bring up a list of all locations that are within or closest to the grid box you have selected. By then clicking on a specific location will display the LocationCounts data for that location.