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Property Value Growth slows to 6.2% in 12 Months to June 2015

  • On average, across England & Wales, property value growth in the 12 months to June 2015 is 6.2%. This is 0.6% below the value of 6.8% seen in March and April 2015.
  • The estimated average value of all properties is £274,503.
  • Estimated property values in the London Boroughs of City of Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea are approximately 7.75% less than their peak set in September 2014.


How safe is your street? Find out how crime levels in your postcode have changed over last four years

Article by Lousie Cooper discussing crime in West Yorkshire.

read the article at the Examiner...

Property Value Growth of 6.79% in 12 Months to April 2015

  • On average, across England & Wales, property value growth in the 12 months to April 2015 is 6.79%. This shows little change to the 12 month period to March 2015 of 6.82%.
  • The estimated average value of all properties is £269,914 which is 2.64% less than the peak of £277,232 in September 2014.
  • The top 10 areas (Local Government Districts) for growth are all within the Greater London area with Hackney London Borough leading the way with an annual increase of 17.22%.


UK Property Value Growth Spreading from London - May 2015

  • On average across England & Wales, property value growth in the 12 months to March 2015 is at 6.82%
  • 9 of the top 15 growth areas are within the Greater London area
  • Outside of Greater London, the areas showing the greatest growth are parallel to some of the major road and rail arterial routes from the capital, e.g. the M1, A1, M11 and M23 corridors
  • A small number of areas are showing negative growth, mainly concentrated in the North West of England


May 2015 - Urban Crime Rates v. Rural Crime Rates

  • The overall change in crime levels is generally consistent between Urban & Rural areas with a reduction in numbers of crimes per 1000 of population being seen across all of the major crime categories apart from Violence & Sexual Offences where a significant increase is evident
  • The reduction in Burglaries recorded is greatest in Urban areas
  • The increase in Violence & Sexual offences is greatest in Rural areas
  • The reduction in Vehicle crimes recorded is greatest in Rural areas (in the short term)


The Mansion Tax - Where would be impacted

The Mansion Tax is a hot topic as the run up to the General Election on May 7th continues. Both Labour and the Lib Dems advocate the introduction of a Mansion Tax within their respective manifestos. The fundamental principle of the Mansion Tax is an annual taxation of properties with a value in excess of a certain threshold – both Labour and the Lib Dems discuss a threshold of £2m.


LocationCounts is getting even better.....

We've launched an improved version of! You can now:

  • Directly compare upto 3 locations on a single screen to get a clear picture of which location is best suited to you without having to switch between screens.
  • See trend graphs of crime for locations across England & Wales so you can see which crime rates are improving and which are getting worse, over time, where you live.
  • See actual details of the most recent and closest crimes to your postcode.


House Price Change - Where's Hot & Where's Not - March 2015

  • Annual growth is still the strongest in the South of England though there are some early signs that growth may be slowing in some areas of the South.
  • Estimated average price across Greater London exceeds £500,000.
  • The lowest average prices in England in Wales are predominantly in South Wales, with 4 Principal Areas all showing an estimated average price of under £125,000.
  • The most expensive areas (Greater London & Surrey) are showing the largest negative difference between the LocationCounts Rank over the last 5 years versus the last 12 months. This could be a sign that growth is slowing in these areas compared to elsewhere in the country.
  • 30% of Counties/Principal Areas are showing a peak of estimated average price in January 2015 (the latest month's data). Greater London, Surrey & Berkshire are below peaks set in 2014 which again could be an indication that generally growth is slowing (however, the seasonal nature of the property market could be a factor).


Updated Crime and House Price Data - January 2015

LocationCounts has now been updated with Property Price and Crime data upto and including January 2015. Select a location from our home page to see the latest results for where you live.


Crime Maps - England & Wales - February 2015

Crime maps are shown for Total Crime and for the six main crime categories against which approximately 80% of crimes are reported in England & Wales..

Public Launch

Following an initial soft launch to family & friends in June 2014, we're proud to announce the full public launch of LocationCounts at


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